Whitney's Tomb

by The New Slave

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Legend has it that there is a treasure buried inside a cemetery located in the heart of a dense and precarious forest hell. Our three protagonists, Craig M Clarke, Daniel Crowell, and Troy James, have set out to find the lost cache in Whitney's Tomb. But finding Whitney's Tomb is only the beginning; one man's treasure is another man's monster...


released December 6, 2011



all rights reserved


The New Slave California

The New Slave has always been moving towards some unknown entity, logging their experiences with stripped-down lyrics, banks of gritty keyboards, a howling electric guitar, and acoustic textures. Although well-travelled, their spaceship has always yearned for more adventure. The consequence is undoubtedly human; but being human isn't all it's cracked up to be. ... more

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Track Name: The Green Arrow
When you slip into my woods
I’m gonna steal again
Your face is beautiful
I’ll tear it limb by limb
The angels hear our prayers
But they’re gone

I know what I know
I know what you show
I’ll take what you owe
And give it away

You think I’m evil
But you’re wrong

Oh, but that smile
It seduces men
And your love
Makes them think they can win

All men need something to believe in
Something they can put their heart into
An idea, a dream
Straight through your heart with arrow and bow
Track Name: Lamentation
When I see you, I come undone
Those thoughts and feelings already gone
I feel the freeze between you and me
(Don’t you run away?)
The way you change from seen to scene
(You’ve got to face your fears and trade all of your faith in me)

Life comes at you so fast
But your decisions will always last

You turned the key for you and me
But now you’re hanging from the closet of dreams

You thought the world was at your feet
Because you proved you don’t need me
I hope the tears will help you sleep
(All alone)

When I see you I come undone
Those thoughts and feelings already gone

Don’t you run away?
You’ve got to face your fear and pray
Don’t lose your faith in me
I hope the tears will help you sleep
Track Name: When an Idea Becomes a Way of Life
Lift me up above the fog
Where dark clouds can’t go through me
Just enough to change my course
Just enough to lose myself

Wake me up if I’m asleep
(But) if I’m awake, murder me
Just enough to change my course
Just enough to lose myself

(When blood no longer ties the bind)
When an idea becomes a way of life
Track Name: Questions from the Readers
“Millions now living have already died”
Words like that get stuck in your head

Peace on earth is piece of mind
Don’t you think you have the time?

Folks like us, we don’t get high
We just ask the stars to come down to us